Class Details for Gasper's School of Dance

Dress CodeClassDay & TimeUniform Items 
2754Ballet 1Monday 5:05pm (Downtown), Tuesday 4:00pm (South), Wednesday 4:00pm (Downtown), Saturday 10:35am (Downtown)2 Show Uniform
1729Ballet 2Wednesday 4:00pm (South), Wednesday 5:05pm (Downtown), Saturday 11:40am (Downtown)3 Show Uniform
1730Ballet 3Monday 5:05pm (South), Tuesday 5:05pm (Downtown), Friday 6:10pm (Downtown)4 Show Uniform
1731Ballet 4Monday 6:10pm (Downtown), Thursday 4:00pm (South), Friday 5:05pm (Downtown)4 Show Uniform
1732Ballet 5Thursday 8:30pm (South), Saturday 12:45pm (Downtown)4 Show Uniform
1733Ballet 6Tuesday 6:10pm (South), Saturday 9:00am (Downtown)6 Show Uniform
1734Ballet 7Thursday 4:30pm (Downtown)4 Show Uniform
1735Ballet 8Tuesday 7:20pm (Downtown)7 Show Uniform
1686Itty Bitty BalletMonday 4:00pm (South), Monday 5:35pm (Downtown), Tuesday 5:05pm (South), Thursday 4:00pm (Downtown), Friday 4:00pm (Downtown), Friday 4:00pm (South), Saturday 10:00am (Downtown), Saturday 11:40am (South)4 Show Uniform
1727Pre-BalletMonday 4:00pm (Downtown), Tuesday 5:05pm (Downtown), Wednesday 3:30pm (South), Wednesday 6:10pm (Downtown), Friday 5:05pm (South), Saturday 10:00am (South), Saturday 10:35am (Downtown)4 Show Uniform
1676--Shop All Styles--Your purchase will provide a 5% donation to the Studio.0 Show Uniform
2219Wydnmere Ballet / Tap (Grades 1-3)Mondays4 Show Uniform
2220Wyndmere Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Grades 4-6)Mondays9 Show Uniform
2221Wyndmere Intermediate ClassesMondays15 Show Uniform
2218Wyndmere Pre-BalletMondays4 Show Uniform

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