Class Details for Unknown School?

Your studio's Dress Codes are listed below.

Give this Dress Code to anyone affiliated with your studio that will be placing orders. This Dress Code allows all of your teachers, dancers and parents to connect to your studio at and collect cash back for your studio. As the studio owner you do not need this Dress Code to place orders and receive cash back. You have two choices in setting up your Studio Account:

1) Create a customized class uniform for each class

2) Skip creating a class uniform and give teachers, dancers and parents the “Shop All Styles” Dress Code

Remember, all purchases made by you, your teachers and/or your dancers who use your assigned Dress Code(s) will be credited to your studio.

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To be eligible to receive cash back, Eurotard requires proof of business license, Federal Tax ID, and a completed School/Group Validation Form. To validate your school or group, please fax your forms to 770-664-7208 or email If you choose to use this program without receiving cash back, no documents are required.

1.) Fill out and fax IRS Form W-9.

2.) Fill out and fax School/Group Validation Form

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